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Power breath, atomic breath, teeth, claws

First Appearance

Godzilla (1998 film)

Latest Appearance

Godzilla: Final Wars

Zilla is a giant mutated iguana that originated from French Polynesia. The monster grew over a period of 30 years. He has rough, square-shaped jaws, a long neck, fin-shaped dorsal spines, and large, powerful legs and arms. He also possessed a seemlingly vestical toe, and three dinosaur-like toes on the front of each foot, and a huge chin.


Godzilla (1998)Edit

Zilla swam from the islands across the Pacific, attacking a Japanese freighter and stomping across Panama. He then travelled up the American Eastern Seaboard, where he sank several American sea boats. He invaded New York, resulting in the entire city being evacuated. The military battled him and he retreated into the water, but was shot by a submarine, where he supposably died. However, he laid nearly a hundred eggs that hatched into baby Zillas that were bombed by the military, killing them. However, Zilla appeared, revealing himself to have survived and, seeing the death of his children, chased the heroes throughout the city and onto the Brooklyn Bridge, where he became entangled in suspension cables. He was then shot down by F-18's. Dying, he made one final attempt at revenge by trying to crush the heroes, but frailed. His eyes then closed, and he finally died. However, one of his offspring survived, and became known as Zilla Jr.

Godzilla: Final WarsEdit

Zilla is being controlled by the Xilians and under their control he attacks Sydney, Australia. He topples down buildings, chomps on vehicles, incinerates crowds, and even eats several citizens. Zilla, along with the other monsters, atre then teleported away by the Xilians. The Xilians then tell Earth they took the monsters away to save them.

Eventually the humans figure out the Xilians were behind the attack, and the aliens then bring the monsters back, where they wreack havoc again. However, Godzilla is freed from the south pole and arrives in Sydney to face Zilla. Zilla charges and Godzilla fires his atomic rays at him. Zilla jumps into the air, only to get hit by Godzilla's tail and knocked into the Sydney Opera House. He is too slow to react when Godzilla fires his atomic rays, killing him.