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Vennie first was in godzilla vs vennie in 1966 where she was a tabby cat a mad scientist teamed up with the aliens to turn his cat into a giant Monster that on st.Patricks da mind controlled vennie to pinch everyone and everything that wasn’t green Godzilla came and stopped vennie she later appeared in 1996 in vennie and godzilla with the design of vennie that the picture shows in this movie Monster zero returns and since Godzilla is dead and there is a new baby godzilla vennie comes to rasie him and then whe baby Godzilla grows up him and vennie go to stop Monster zero together in the battle vennie a killed this made Godzilla furious then Godzilla killed Monster zero vennie then appeared in Godzilla fianl wars a short battle where vennie now was a black cat sure the battle was 1 minute but there was so much pinching and that was the last appearance of vennie until godZilla king of the monsters where she will be a Birman Edit