Vastatosaurus rex
Vastatosaurus rex


Vastatosaurus rex




Sharp teeth

First Appearance

King Kong (2005 film)

Latest Appearance

King Kong (2005 film)

Vastatosaurus rex is agiant decendant of the infamous Tyrannosaurus rex. The Vastatosaurus represents what the Tyrannosaurus would've evolved into had it been able to evolve over 65 million years. It can grow up to 70 feet,are about 25 feet tall at the head and weigh 20 tons.

The Vastatosaurus can, despite their size, reach up to speeds of 25 mph. It had few natural enemies other than the Megaprimatus Kong, such as King Kong.

Vastatosaurus rex developed many unique features, but still retained several features close to Tyrannosaurus, such as a large head filled with huge teeth that are regrown when the original fall out from conflict. Their heads are shorter and more compact then their ancestors, enforced with thick bone. An individual Vastatosaurus' head is usually scarred from fights. Narrow, short rib cages and a large gap between the ribs and hips allowed Vastatosaurus rex to have surprising flexibility. This allowed them to survive in the towering trees and broken terrain of Skull Island.

Their forearms are short when compared to the rest of the body, another attribute from the early Tyrannosaurus rex. Unlike Tyrannosaurus, however, Vastatosaurus had three fingers while Tyrannosaurus had only two. This was used as a thumb, and allowed it to pull prey.

Juvenile Vastatosaurs usually stayed into the jungle exterior. However, the adults hunted in the open areas of the lowland. Large males seek the most open territories, while the mature females usually stayed at the fringes of the forest.