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Oodako, also known as Giant Octopus, is a Toho kaiju made for the movie Godzilla vs King Kong. It is just an over sized octopus.

Godzilla vs King Kong Edit

Oodako appeared on the island King Kong was on at the time. It attacked King Kong by grabbing at him. Then it jumped onto Kong's head and stuck to his head. He then ripped it off, and threw 2 big rocks at Oodako's head. Then Oodako ran back to the ocean.

Frankenstein vs Baragon Edit

In the alternate ending for the movie, Frankenstein doesn't fall into a hole with Baragon, but instead Oodako appeared, and drowned him in the ocean.

War of the Gargantuas Edit

In this movie, Oodako attacks a ship, but is then killed by Gaira.