Silver and gray


Shoots lightning bolts, spits napalm bombs, drill hands,

First Appearance

Godzilla vs. Megalon

Latest Appearance

Godzilla: Unleashed

Megalon is a cockroach/beetle-like anthropod who is the god of the Seatopians. Megalon appeared in Godzilla vs. Megalon as the primary antagonist.


Godzilla vs. MegalonEdit

Concealed in the great depths of Seatopia was a god who sleeps. Living within his sculpted frame pad like a pimp, an untapped power that is unequaled coleuses. Revered as the symbol of Seatopian Kingdom and slightly retarded entomologists, the giant was worshiped daily. But prayers for him were never as large as when the Seatopian people challenged the surface dwellers to some mad Goldeneye. Pleading to the creature, they shouted revenge at Japan for using Odd Job. Screaming for their savior, the great creature awoke, shrieked into the sacred lands, and was hella pissed. Then he took to the air with amazing speed. The creature tunneled through the layer of rocky strata. Attacking with no mercy, guns, tanks, men, Mongolians, spammers, n00bs, and Cubs fans were crushed and defeated.

All hope seemed lost when there came the arrival of a robot known as Jet Jaguar. Initially guiding the giant creature with its juicy ass, the mechanical being had developed a mind of its own. Breaking free of Seatopian control, the robot turned against Megalon and attacked him. It seemed that the humans would win. However, seeing the trouble their god was in, the Seatopians pleaded for help from the alien race known as the Nebulans. The aliens complied and brought their monster, Gigan with his funky 80s beats, to aid Megalon. Together, the two nearly destroyed Jet Jaguar when Godzilla arrived and made shit worse. There was a heated battle, and eventually Gigan fled, and Megalon retreated back to Seatopia.

Godzilla IslandEdit

Megalon heads to Godzilla Island with Battra. Godzilla, who had been imprisoned for attacking Tokyo, cannot stop them. However, Mechagodzilla II, Moguera, Rodan, and Mothra. Megalon battles Rodan, but as expected Rodan can't do shit. Moguera blasts Megalon. Xilien Zaguresu calls them back. The distraction allows Godzilla to escape and attacks Tokyo again. It is then revealed it was a fake Godzilla and the real Godzilla destroys it.

Later on, Megalon is called by Zaguresu to catch Godzilla Jr., Godzilla's son. Megalon throws a net on Godzilla Jr. and carries him to a nearby island. Junior is held in a cage while Megalon stands guard. Megalon is knocked out by a gas bomb. Torema tries to bring Junior back, but Battra brings Junior back. Zaguresu builds the maser cannon on the island to repell any more attempts to save Junior. Several monsters, including Godzilla, arrive and destroy the cannon. Megalon tries to attack Junior, but is knocked out by Moguera.