Stinger, energy absorber, can fire energy balls, extremely fast at flying, shockwaves, her wings can cut through buildings, pincher-claws

First Appearance

Godzilla vs. Megaguirus

Latest Appearance

Godzilla: Unleashed

Megaguirus is the queen of the giant insect race known as Meganulons who siphone energy from larger animals.


Godzilla v. MegaguirusEdit

A satellite-like weapon fires a miniature black hole, and a prehistoric dragonfly enters the present and lays an egg before exitting. A boy throws the egg into the sewer after it starts oozing a strange liquid. The eggs splits into a huge mass that hatches into giant Meganulon. The giant insects flood the city and molt, becoming adult Meganula.

Godzilla, at the same time, is searching for nuclear energy, and the Meganula are attracted to his energy and attack. Most Meganula are killed, but some drian Godzilla's energy and retreat to the sewer. Using their last bit of strength, the Meganula inject Godzilla's energy into a giant larva that molts into Megaguirus, the queen of the Meganulon.

Megaguirus declares the city her hunting ground and destroys the city with her shockwaves generated by her beating wings, before confronting Godzilla. She uses her speed to dodge Godzilla's attacks, but one of her legs is severed when she runs into Godzilla's dorsal fins. Megaguirus reveals she has to ability to generate a huge ball of energy which she uses to knock Godzilla to the ground. Godzilla gets back up and Megaguirus races towards him and tries to jab him between the eyes with her stinger. Godzilla then catches the stinger in his mouth and crushes it before firing his atomic breath at Megaguirus twice, setting her aflame and killing her.