Jet Jaguar
JetJaguar c9


Jet Jaguar


Silver, blue, red, yellow, orange


Alter his size, melee attacks, explosion breath, floodlights, blast of energy, Reflection Shield, Weapon Reflect

First Appearance

Godzilla vs. Megalon

Latest Appearance

Godzilla: Unleashed

Jet Jaguar is a human-sized robot that has the ability to alter his size. He was created by inventor Goro Ibuki.


Godzilla vs. MegalonEdit

Jet Jaguar was a human-sized robot that Goro created for unknown reasons. The Seatopian race stole Jet Jaguar and used him to direct their god Megalon to the cities he was to destroy. However, the robot developed a mind of his own and fetched Godzilla before altering his size to fifty meters and fighting Megalon. He gained the upper hand until the Seatopians called Gigan, who flew in to help Megalon. The two beat Jet Jaguar relentlessly. They kicked him as he was on the ground when Godzilla came and the two teamed up. When Megalon spit a napalm bomb at Godzilla, Jet Jaguar threw it away. Jet Jaguar fought Giga one-on-one, but was easily defeated. Gigan threatened to detsroy Jet Jaguar if Godzilla came to close, so Godzilla lasted Gigan with his atomic ray. Megalon and Gigan then released their full artillery on the two, creating a ring of fire that surrounded them. However, Jet Jaguar flew Godzilla out of the fire, and the two fought against the evil monsters and eventually Gigan flew away, though he was knocked down by Jet Jaguar. Gigan finally escaped while Megalon retreated back to Seatopia. Jet Jaguar reterted to human-size and returned to Goro.