Teeth, fists, electric touch

First Appearance

All Monsters Attack

Latest Appearance

All Monsters Attack

Gabara is a giant ogre-like monster with electrokinetic powers. He appeared in All Monsters Attack as the main antagonist.


Gabara first appeared in a young boy's dream wandering around the first. Luckily, it did not see Ichiro or Minilla, and soon left. Minilla reveals he is too afraid to fight Gabara.

When Ichiro dreams again, the first monster he encounters is Gabara. Ichiro starts to run through the frst as Gabara chases after him, but Gabara could not follow him as he was quick and nimble.

However, while Godzilla was fighting Kumonga, Gabara came again and challenged Minilla to a fight. Minilla, afraid Godzilla would think he was a coward, accepted, and grew to his normal size to fight Gabara. Minilla tried to fire atomic rays at Gabara, but they did nothing. Gabara laughed at Minilla's efforts, so Minilla charged, only to get knocked to the ground. Minilla was thrown to the ground several times before he ran away.

When Ichiro is dreaming about Monster Island for the final time, he sees Gabara and Minilla fighting. Gabara has the upper hand, and shocks Minilla with his electrokinetic powers before punching him. Ichiro pushes a boulder onto Minilla's tail, causing him to fire a true atomic ray into Gabara's face, stunning him. bGabara tries to catch Minilla, but he is too quick. Godzilla arrives but forces Minilla to fight Gabara. Minilla is electricuted, so Godzilla fires his atomic rays at Gabara, making him let go of Minilla. Ichiro comes up with the idea of Gabara stepping on one side of a log and Minilla jumping on the other. The plan works, and Gabara soars through the air and onto the ground. He then attacks Godzilla, but is quickly defeated, and flees, never to bother Minilla again.[[File:Example.jpg]]

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